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Why send an email or greeting card when you can send a video mail? If you have a camera hooked up to your computer, you can record an audio / video greeting with the click of a button. And if you don't have a camera, you can receive video calls and video mail from others. The Roomtalk Voice Video Recording Interface permits websites to easily allow their users to record their own audio or video messages. This can be used to allow users to record their own audio or video user profiles, leave messages for other users and even in some circumstances send users video and audio messages. It can be deployed to allow full review and confirmation of all audio and video messages to assure the content meets the standards of the site.

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The latest in video mail technology and high quality customer service from Roomtalk, make your video meetings as simple and as effective as holding an in-house meeting.
From a range of customer driven service levels, Roomtalk can deliver your video-conferencing live helpdesk online video support  requirements, anytime, anywhere. Any level of service can be personalized to meet your requirements.
Roomtalk provides a complete solution for a wide variety of digital broadcasting needs including:
Roomtalk can provide you with a complete environment to develop and deploy solutions for integrating multi-way audio, video and real-time data into your websites and Rich Internet Applications.
Powerful Communication Capabilities

we Create and deploy powerful new Macromedia Flash applications that include video and data broadcasts, shared whiteboards, virtual conference rooms, message boards, polling, live chat and messaging and much more.
Easy Development and Deployment

rapidly develop rich communications applications with a highly integrated set of authoring, debugging, and administration tools.
Open Integration
we work with major existing platforms on the client and server allowing you to enhance and leverage your existing investments....

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