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Bedwetting is usually a stage of development that kids simply outgrow with patience and time. Check with your childís physician to rule out any illnesses or physical reasons. Here are some common causes of bedwetting:

Bladder Development. A growing bladder can cause a child to wet the bed. In some cases, the bladder hasnít grown as quickly as the rest of the body and it just needs time to catch up. In other cases, an important muscle in the bladder (the sphincter) isnít as strong as it should be yet. Bladder conditioning may be helpful in these cases.

Heredity. Surprisingly, bedwetting can run in a family. If one parent wet the bed as a child, thereís a 40% chance that their child will have nighttime accidents. If both parents wet the bed, the odds can rise to 70%.

Heavy Sleepers. Many children sleep so soundly that they just donít realize when their bladder is full. Part of the brain is supposed to stay awake during sleep to signal when itís time to go to the bathroomĖand for now, itís not doing that. In these cases, sleep conditioning may help

Hormones. Each night the body secretes an antidiuretic hormone (ADH) that slows down the production of urine by the kidneys. Some children who wet the bed are in a stage where they produce too little of this hormone.


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