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This website is developed by a group of mothers, specially the mother of above two kids who is so keen for her kids to grow them in a healthy environment. She wants to bring up her children in the best way to make them a civilized and fruitful persons for society.
She wants to share her feelings and love with her kids, and wants to discuss about difficulties that she faced in different phases while bringing up her children.


Mrs. Lubna gathered a group of social mothers to work on this unique idea that there should be an online platform for parents of such kids who are suffering from general psychological disorders and don't have a guideline that how to overcome such problems & where to go for treatment.

Here you will find useful parenting tips, some major Psychological problems & their solutions and treatments related to kids, like Stuttering, Stammering, Bed Wetting, Baby Crying, Thumb Sucking, Nail Biting, School Learning Problem, Psychological Disabilities, Kids Diet,  etc.

Beside this there are lots of stuff for kids entertainment, like online games, bed time stories, greeting cards, links to useful  websites etc.

You can send your articles, we would add in relevant pages.

The contents will be changed fortnightly.

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